there’s some hoeing goin’ on back here..

Bright and early yesterday morning we awoke to a rumbling sound outside our window. The sound of new beginnings! Otherwise known as a backhoe digging up the yard.

When I left that morning, I saw that the gas line was wrapped in the old tree roots of a pine tree that once grew in the garden but was killed by a bad winter of heavy snow a couple years ago. The first surprise of the project, within a couple hours of work! Oh dear. Let’s hope that means we’re getting the worst stuff out of the way first. When I got home from work it looked like the guys were able to get the gas line out safely. It looked like pretty delicate work though – between gingerly prying off cunks of stump with the backhoe and manually chipping at it with a shovel. Talk about patience.

Digging out the old roots around the gas line

The hole is getting bigger this morning as Smallworks continues to plod ahead. That’s all to report now.

The vehicle rests after a day's work.