I posted this on our travel blog, but wanted to share it here too

Scottania's Travel Blog

I’m feeling harsh nostalgic today about our trip last year, so I decided to look back at our blog and realized today, July 13th, is the date we took off for our honeymoon in Asia. A little spooky when things connect like that – almost like it’s embedded in my body’s internal clock – “Psst! Hey, Tania! Time to fly to Tokyo!” We were already in the air by now, as we had a dead-of-night flight to Beijing at around 3AM.

I have serious travel addiction issues. If I was rolling in endless wads of cash, I’d be somewhere else at least half of the year. I don’t really fall for astrology, but the idea that Sagittarius have a lust for travel and exploration is pretty much bang on for me. So today I sit listening to Cuban music, remembering our previous trip to Cuba, and a computer desktop image…

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