the paper boy is one step ahead of us

I got home today and was poking around the outside of our little house, and noticed this:

Huh… I guess we’re getting papers (and junk mail) now. Well, there is an address on the house and I suppose that shows how finished the place is looking! Imagine getting papers before moving into your house. I’m sure we’re not the first ones to encounter this, but I was mildly amused by it today.

There was heaps of work done today as well. Our current entrance into the basement suite is no longer a trench! It felt strange to unlock the door and not be waist-level with the door-knob anymore. I almost struggled with it, it was so foreign. Even before the trench was there, it was a bizarre steep drop from the pathway that we had to have make-shift stairs on, so it’s a massive improvement now. The old pavers from the former garden patio were also used here, as with the backside of the laneway house.

Perhaps I should remind you what it looked like before:

Yep. Amazing.

In the front of my parents house, there has been some new additions. Trees have been moved (again) and one provides much needed privacy and a buffer against the dining room windows.

This is going to be so pretty with more garden around it!

I peeked in the window of our laneway house today and saw that the floor is now shiny. I’m not sure if I just didn’t notice it before, or if it was recently made that way – but it looks awesome! Again.. no pictures until I can go inside again on Monday.

Happy weekend everyone!


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