dig dig dig dig dig dig

Another mud-puddle day in the trenches! (As I sit here warm and dry indoors). Our corner of Dunbar holds a striking resemblance to Vimy Ridge.

vimy ridge

We even lacked flush-able toilets this morning! That was interesting.  But all this is in the name of progress.  We’re very close to having the sewer line trench coming up to the main street. Then it’s up to the City to connect us.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t take a ‘coon’s age for them to go down their list to get to us.

The old-things/antiques nerd in me that has been showing up more prominently these days was very excited to see what the guys found in the muck this morning.

lydia e. pinkham's vegetable compound, patented in 1876

It didn’t take long to find out that this empty bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound is likely around 100 years old. Who knows what the story is behind this little gem, and how and why it landed 10 feet underground on the property, but I think it’s a pretty neat little souvenir to have on display in the new house to remember the days and days of digging, and how far things have come (both in our little world of the laneway house, and the world of medicine for that matter!) Lydia Pinkham died in 1883 and never saw the full success of her medicinal empire, but her Vegetable Compound made the family fortune, grossing $300, 000 annually by her death and peaking in 1925 to $3.8 million.

An interesting and rather frightening  side note:  the same year as the Vegetable Compound was patented, a prominent American physician was urging the removal of healthy ovaries as a treatment for menstrual cramps. Yikes!! I’d rather go with the Lydia’s medicine “for the female discomforts” thank you.  I think it can go without saying that I’m  glad to be living in 2012…

Well, enough about history I suppose.  Back to the present: The roof is on, the windows and doors are in, and the electrical and plumbing will be going in shortly as well.  Excitement abounds in our little corner of the world! More photos to come soon.

In keeping with the theme of history, I thought I’d share this video passed on to me the other day. It’s footage from 1907, going through the streets of downtown Vancouver.  Probably around the same time that Lydia E. Pinkham’s bottle landed on our little street corner and got buried. Pretty neat.

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2 Comments on “dig dig dig dig dig dig”

  1. Monika says:

    Great Blog Tania! And the video, wow, just beautiful! Makes me wish I lived back then with all the long dresses and men in suits! Hard to believe that is our city…but is makes that much more special knowing it is 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

    Monika 🙂

  2. scottania says:

    Thanks Monkia! Yeah, I really love that video.. it is special! There are definitely some things about that time period that seem lovely. While watching, I sometimes felt like I recognized some of the old buildings on the streets – probably just my mind wanting to connect more to it though haha.

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