exposed and framed

My parents have had their house for 26 years. There has been a large cedar hedge sheltering the front yard for longer than that. Today was its final day on this earth, to make way for the sewer line digging. It’s pretty strange to see, and feels so exposed out there now! On the up side though, there will be a lot more light and space for a variety of plants to live where the hedge once was, and also less maintenance in terms off no annual hedge trimming. A lattice style fence is planned for the front and side of the house which will no doubt look quite  nice once things are grown in again. I feel a bit conflicted about removing greenery like this – probably the thing I feel the worst about (after the back garden) when it come to the whole plan. I hope mother nature can forgive us! We’ll do our best to replace what’s been lost and it’ll be beautiful again one day in the not too distant  future.

that used to be wall of green.


Those wil be gone in a couple of hours. The tree in front is staying.


As of Thursday, the digging in the back yard has been complete and the framing  for the foundation is starting to be placed. It’s the weekend and work is still being done. Now I really understand how Smallworks can get their homes up so quickly! It’s kind of neat to see this going in, as it gives a bit of an idea of the size already.

The front of the house is at the left side of the photo.


With all the work plowing ahead at full speed, I’m sure I’ll have something  to share again soon!


2 Comments on “exposed and framed”

  1. LL says:

    So exciting to see you guys start your project! We want to build a laneway in our backyard too so its good to see some action on it. 😉

  2. Iolanda says:

    Your home to be looks beautiful, you must be excited. We are considering using Smallworks for our laneway home. Would you mind emailing me your experience with them and be open to answering some questions?

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