it begins

We’re still about a month away from breaking ground, but the garden couldn’t look more ready. Yesterday, the arborists from Bartlett Tree Experts to remove and replant trees around the garden. My parents have hired Bartlett for many projects and they always do a good job. It looks a bit like the Battle of the Somme around here right now (as my dad would say), but we just have to think ahead to the attractive home and revamped landscaping we’ll have in the spring again. Of course, it will take a couple of years for the plants to really fill in again. Maybe it won’t feel so easy to look ahead when we have a sewer line being dug up next month though.. eek.

My dad took some more pictures of the process of the tree removal/planting but here are a couple I took yesterday at the end of it all. It’s a bit shocking and sad at first sight.

Back yard after tree removal

the yard looks a lot bigger without all the vegetation in there... I guess a laneway house will change that though.

new plantings in the front

The trees and plants from the back have a new home in the front yard. It looks quite nice already. There was a cedar tree on the right but we took it out to make more room for a variety of plants. I'll get the names from my mom and post them.


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