how do i look? (upstairs)

We head up the stairs today to investigate the bedroom and bathroom (I will do the balcony in a separate post, since it seems it should have it’s own topic, being outdoors). The positioning of the bed will be against the top wall rather than the right side shown in the floor plan below.

We’re planning on having some built in drawer cabinets along the right wall for more clothing storage, etc. Built in is the ideal way to go in these tight spaces, but if costs are too high we may have to just go with some dressers. The upside of going with dressers is you’ve got more flexibility when you get tired of a certain style. Here’s an example close to what we might be doing in the world of built-ins, and that wood beam poking in on the right side of the image is also something we’ve been looking at doing upstairs. The roof will be sloping so  it might be interesting to highlight it with beams around the bed area to define it as a separate space and cozy it up a little.

I like the simplicity of these cabinets, and the splash of colour adds some personality. We’re hoping to get a storage bed if our budget allows, which is great for putting seasonal clothes and linens. Bo Concept has some designs starting at approx. $1900 with a hydraulic lifting system. Oh, to have a large disposable income.

So.. into the bathroom. It’s (obviously) quite small, and we’ve opted not to have a full bathtub since neither of us really use one. This gives us an extra bit of closet space on the outer wall which is more important to us at this point. The shower stall is a bit larger than a standard cube, which will make it less claustrophobic. Our designer, Kate,  at Smallworks has cleverly positioned the vanity sink area to be in front of the eaves, so we can make use of the space back there to store even more stuff.. spare towels, first aid, dead bodies… err i mean toiletries. Having an extra deep cabinet will be great for keeping all sorts of expired drug store products! Okay, I am trying to change that habit. Now, here are a few images of design ideas.

 Jason Ball Interiors Bathroom Designs  bathroom      Silver modern bathroom
The vertical tiling in the left hand image makes me think of rain falling and is a nice change from the usual horizontal detailing that most bathrooms have. On the right, the cool calm blue and textured white tile with wood has a really pretty ocean/coastal sort of vibe to it. Really like the lighting detail above the tub and along the mirror too. Lastly, I really love this shower stall in the image below. The wood is so inviting and makes it look a bit like a sauna. The tile inside is gorgeous as well. I’m intrigued by the ceiling in this too.. not sure what they’ve done, but the light looks like it’s shielded by bamboo or wood.
Kapalua Bay tropical bathroom
This bathroom is somewhere in Hawaii, which is suitable as it does have a hint of tropical design. I guess there’s a part of me that wants to bring some of that Thai resort design we had the pleasure of experiencing on our honeymoon. The bathroom seems like the most appropriate location for it.
Now that I’m feeling nostalgic, here are a few pictures of the beautiful place we stayed in Ko Samui, Thailand (we had our own pool…mmm). Maybe we can bring a bit of this into our home, even if it is just inspiration from the colours and finishes. Or you know, we could just make the bathroom into a plunge pool.
For some reason the slideshow keeps including our upstairs floor plan.. oh well, the rest are from the resort.

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