a time for new beginnings

The sad part of building our laneway house is the inevitable loss of garden space. We don’t just have any old yard either. It’s had years of dedication from my mom and dad, making it into a lush sanctuary for the birds and bees. I admire my parents for their willingness to accept such a big change to their space and routine.  Their love and kindness to me growing up and into my adult life has always been amazing, and this laneway house project is more proof of that. I know we’ll have a new and lovely garden and patio once it’s all done – but I’ll always remember the little Dunbar oasis that my mom created here. I took some photos in August to document it before things had to start being taken out and moved into pots. This post is a little tribute to the beauty and the care that was poured into the garden. Gardens are classic symbols of growth and change, so it almost seems appropriate that now that I’m seeing my parent’s garden being taken apart, I can feel our new beginning is on it’s way.

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4 Comments on “a time for new beginnings”

  1. jake fry says:

    Love the blog!! and like you dad’s photos of garden – It’s going to be a great build

  2. Bohdanna Hansen says:

    Look forward to following your exciting new beginnings!!!! I am thinking of following along the same idea. Your parents garden is absolutely stunning —– a lot of love and care has gone into this sanctuary!!! Happy designing and building — just remember to ENJOY!!



    • scottania says:

      Thank you Bohdanna! Yes, my parents garden is stunning.. or was. It’s sad to see it go but I know it’ll be beautiful again in the not too far future. All sorts of new opportunities for creating natural beauty around us. The home design process has been great so far and it’ll be so nice to see it come to life.

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